660 cats fixed to date preventing approx 7800 unwanted kittens


Pet Fix is a Charitable Trust based in Dunedin, New Zealand. We provide assistance to local people on a low income to enable them to have their cat spayed or neutered.

Pet Fix understands that in tough economic times many people struggle financially. Sadly animals often fare the worst at these times and things like getting your animal desexed can be way down the priority list. 

For many people getting a cat spayed or neutered is a huge expense. Pet Fix aims to make this affordable by subsidising these operations so that it costs just $50 for a male cat and $85 for a female ($95 if pregnant). Depending on circumstances we may be able to negotiate further but we do ask for a fair contribution at some point. 

We provide information and advice about:

  • health and desexing issues
  • how to manage your future pet expenses
  • range of prices across Dunedin vets for routine procedures (ie - desexing, vaccinations, microchipping)
  • negotiating with your vet
  • a vet’s responsibilities
  • trapping / catching cats and trap hire.
A cat can become pregnant with her first litter between 4-6 months.